Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023
What happens when I publish my business advertorial?

News stories are the latest trend to likely capture your target audience’s attention, generate social sharing and encourage engagement with your brand. Simple sign up.

Techs News uses artificial intelligence on your advertorial giving information about your product in a style of an editorial to obtain customers or enquiries directly across Google, Bing and over 500 Industry news websites.

  • Link to your website

    Activate, your story will link to your website.

  • Help with clicks

    Activate, your story will send you clicks.

  • Link Building

    Activate, All stories are linked to over 500 websites.

  • Educate your Customers

    Activate to show customers what you do.

  • Edit your Story

    Activate Priority updates to your story are available.

  • Show on Google, Bing and Yahoo

    Activate Increased Traffic And Conversions on your story to generate more customers.

  • Partner Sites and Link Building

    Activate to increase searches on google by displaying your news story on over 500 partner sites, with sales links.

  • Suburbs and Maps

    Activate We use geolocation software to index your story for the suburb and map location.

Increase Reach

Thousands of people turn to Techs News and over 500 Partner Sites every day to read the news

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